Growing up, all of my core memories center around food, its warmth. I remember one, vividly. At an introductory social, through our conflicts or unfamiliarity with each other — restaurant strangers huddled around a steaming hot pot, out of necessity. To ward away the cold, darkness and latch onto heat. We were all connected in a primal way — our hunger — our puffed, white breath, and our chopsticks flashing through soup and against teeth. In this short meal, conversation filled the silence, then laughter followed.

Soon, I realized this theory applied to literature and art, too. That shared stories become more than ink, a food source, and something that connects us all as human.

Here at Hot Pot Magazine, we strive to provide a safe platform to amplify creatives while serving still-steaming work to our audiences, bridging together communities in the process. To discuss authentic human stories and experiences. We encourage diverse, emerging writers and artists to share whatever thoughts, stories, or experiences linger, scalding. Through this, we hope to uplift vulnerable and underrepresented perspectives of all creatives from any age, gender, or nationality.

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